Private garden work undertaken
* Hedge trimming
* Grass Cutting
* Bark / Woodchip 
* Weed Control
* Strimming
* Pruning
* Bio Waste Removal

SEPA Certified for BIO waste management.


1. Customer Quotations and Services

· To produce and supply all customers with written fees, including the terms of payment.

· All fees will include the terms and conditions of business and a description of what services will be provided.

· All fees will be provided in an email showing the gardener’s details, including name, address, telephone numbers.

· Conduct towards customers will be direct, efficient and professional at all times.

· If insurance is offered by the gardener, a document detailing the terms of insurance will be supplied to the customer before the work takes place.

2. Cancellations or Changes to Service by

Services provided by will be confirmed in writing to the customer. These should not be altered substantially or cancelled. If the services are considerably altered or cancelled by, the customer should be notified immediately by

Exceptions can be made if a situation occurs which is beyond’s reasonable control (i.e. adverse weather conditions).

3. Staff and Gardeners. - will agree to uphold experienced staff to ensure that all staff, including surveyors, drivers, gardeners, have the sufficient knowledge and experience to perform the work required by them.

Both permanent and casual staff are trained to a professional standard.

4. Fleet and Equipment - agrees that all vehicles/ equipment used by gardeners are appropriate for their purpose of gardening and suitably maintained; All vehicles will be registered with the Department of Transport and operated in accordance to their regulations. agrees that the equipment used is in a condition that is appropriate for their purpose and complies with Health and Safety standards.

5. Gardeners will have full knowledge of the machinery used.

6. Complaints and Disputes - agrees to reply in writing within 10 working days to any correspondence concerning complaints. Complaints will be approached promptly and with courtesy.

7. Gardeners Insurance – Tradesman Package PLI

7.1 Types of Insurance - agrees that gardeners have the relevant PLI insurance, specifically: public liability.

7.2 Claims - If at any time a customer needs to make an insurance claim then will promptly forward any necessary documents to the customer, insurers and any parties involved for the claim to be processed.

8. Promotion and Communication - All claims made to through any medium or means of communication, will be truthful and accurate.

Advertising must not be false or misleading.

9. Terms and Conditions - All Terms and Conditions produced by will be even-handed, impartial and comply with English / Scottish Law (as appropriate).

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