G.I.T. INSURANCE  (Goods In Transit)   &  P.L.I. (Public Liability)

Public Liability Insured. - £5M         Goods In Transit. £10K

For your peace of mind and ours we have these insurances active for damages and liabilities


Roadside assistance and recovery

This cover includes all features offered in Roadside Assistance plus; if the vehicle cannot be repaired on the same day by a local repairer, the breakdown engineer will choose the most convenient choice from one of the following options:

  • Nationwide recovery for the vehicle and up to 6 people including the driver to either your original destination or your home address

  • 24-hour hire vehicle if repairs can be completed the following day

  • Hotel accommodation for one night 


Goods to be moved must be itemized along with a estimated valuation of goods for our insurers requirements otherwise insurances will be void.


1. Customer Quotations and Services

· To produce and supply all customers with written estimates or quotations, including the terms of payment.

· All estimates or quotations will include the terms and conditions of business and a description of what services will be provided.

· All estimates or quotations will be provided on an email showing the removals firm’s details, including name, address, telephone numbers and email addresses.

· Conduct towards customers will be direct, efficient and professional at all times.

· Insurance is offered by Manwithvan.info, a document detailing the terms of insurance can be supplied to the customer on request.


2. Cancellations or Changes to Service by Manwithvan.info.

Services provided by manwithvan.info will be confirmed in writing to the customer. These should not be altered substantially or cancelled. If the services are considerably altered or cancelled by the Manwithvan.info, the customer will be notified immediately by Manwithvan.info.

Exceptions can be made if a situation occurs which is beyond the removals firm’s reasonable control (i.e. adverse weather conditions).


2.1 Deposits

Manwithvan.info may request a deposit to secure future booking dates for clients. This usually covers the expenses for the client’s removal such as travel / diesel / accommodation. Deposits are non-returnable within 90 days of the booking date. For cancellations over 90 days a £50.00 booking administration fee is deducted from the deposit and the remaining balance is returned to the client within 10 working days.


3. Staff and Removals Team

Manwithvan.info will agree to uphold regular training sessions for staff to ensure that all staff, including surveyors, drivers, porters and packers, have the sufficient knowledge and experience to perform the work required by them. Both permanent and casual staff will be trained to a professional standard.


4. Fleet and Equipment

Manwithvan.info agrees that all vehicles used for business are appropriate for their purpose of removals and suitably maintained; inside and outside. All vehicles will be registered with the Department of Transport and operated in accordance to their regulations.

Manwithvan.info agrees that the equipment used is in a condition that is appropriate for their purpose and complies with Health and Safety standards. We use: Blankets / Bubble Wrap / Cling Pallet Wrap / Tape / Straps to secure your goods accordingly.


5. Storage

Should the customer require storage facilities, the customer will agree a detailed list of items going into store, including a record of any existing markings or damage! Manwithvan.info will also retain a copy of the confirmed inventory.

Manwithvan.info will only provide storage facilities that are clean, secure and weatherproof.


6. Complaints and Disputes


Manwithvan.info agrees to reply in writing within 10 working days to any correspondence concerning complaints. Complaints will be approached promptly and with courtesy.


7. Removals Insurance


7.1 Types of Insurance

Manwithvan.info agrees that they have the relevant removals and storage insurance, specifically:

· goods in transit

· public liability.


7.2 Claims

If at any time a customer needs to make an insurance claim then Manwithvan.info will promptly forward any necessary documents to the customer, insurers and any parties involved for the claim to be processed.


8. Promotion and Communication

All claims made by Manwithvan.info through any medium or means of communication, will be truthful and accurate. Advertising will not be false or misleading.


9. Terms and Conditions

All Terms and Conditions produced by Manwithvan.info will be even-handed, impartial and comply with English or Scottish Law (as appropriate).